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African brothers and sisters we are the problem

African brothers and sisters we are the problem.

For African it is already struggle please don't make it even harder.

I was desperate to get any job. I was asking around in the African diaspora if anyone knows of any opportunity for work. A friend of a friend direct me to a friend.
Who was looking for cleaner for the club he was managing.
So I got the lead and contacted the guy and he ask me to come and see him later that day in the evening.
So here is part of what happened to me that day. I created this scenario to represent the experience as not everything is how it happened just to give an idea.

I am sorry to say that but in the African community we most of the time complaining that we don’t get opportunities. That we are discriminate compare to others. Yes there little of bit truth in that but we are also part of the problem. Let me explain. Some of us when they are ahead of others instead helping they become the barriers. Screwing others by limiting the opportunities, not sha…

The best ways to become being a positive person. Top Tips

The best ways to become being a positive person. Top TipsPositive thinking develop favorable behaviour which will equate into success, joy, fulfilment and love. Negative attitude develop unfavorable behaviour which equate to failure, suffering, hardship and all. 11 top tips to produce a positive person.
Top Tips 1
Constantly believe great, and great will pertain to you too. Believe evil, and wicked follows. You are exactly what you believe all day.
Top Tips 2
You can decide to get along, pleased, adorable, useful and the whole world will solution to you that method. And this is the very best method to establish a fantastic character.
Top Tips 3
I am informing you. it does not cost you a pound, or dollars, or rupees or perhaps a Naira to opt to think that something excellent can occur and is taking place today.
Top Tips 4
The declaration of others have no power to injure you. The only power is the think you have on these declarations and your idea and your action.
Top Tips 5
View exactly what you s…

How to Get Rid of Anxiety Attacks | Self-Help Top Tips

How to Get Rid of Anxiety Attacks | Self-Help Top Tips 
How to get rid of anxiety attacks. Primarily, an individual that is experiencing extreme sensation of anxiety attacks as well as fret for greater than 6 months is more than likely struggling with a serious sort of anxiousness condition. Situations of anxiousness that include extreme distressing and also stress and anxiety from partnerships, job, atmosphere, or circumstances are additionally certain signs of anxiousness problems. With this, physicians as well as health and wellness specialists constantly suggest instant referrals whenever stress and anxiety ends up being severe to the factor that it is currently influencing an individual's day-to-day tasks and also efficiency.
Stress and anxiety conditions are amongst the well-known mental problems that typically set off people that are experiencing extreme stress and also tension. Anxiousness conditions are sometimes misinterpreted as simple tension as well as stress that do n…